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Serving Burlington and Greater Hamilton Area 

Sod Installation

Sod installation may be slightly different then other companies. Over the years I have seen all kinds from terrible to excellent. Our success rate has been near perfect with replacing the odd piece here and there. But that also comes with team work with our client. Proper watering is key! Our process includes a few steps.  Removal of old sod either by rototilling or sod stripping, regrading & rolling the base, laying of new sod, rolling the new sod and then adding a starter fertilizer.


But wait... There is an alternative other than fertilizer! - Not only do we use this for the lawn, but for plants as well. It is called "Root Rescue"


Root Rescue products put life back into the soil; restoring and nurturing the natural beneficial soil organisms that plants rely on to find water and nutrients. A healthy soil environment supports plants naturally; reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Use Root Rescue's Transplanter MS-CS when you plant new landscape plants. Give them a healthy start – the beneficial soil fungi in Transplanter MS-CS will go to work immediately helping your new plants, and they will stay with your new plant for life. Once and Done.

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