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Serving Burlington and Greater Hamilton Area 


Grass Cutting - click on picture to enlarge

Life is busy and priorities such as family, work and quality time with loved ones top the list of things to do. But, we know your landscape appearance is a very important priority as well, and yet if there was only enough time in the week to do everything. Let us take care of your landscape and ease the stress knowing we will take care of your property as if it were our own and meet your highest standards and expectations.

We care for your lawn close to the way nature wants it to be. Every lawn is different and specific approaches for each lawn is key. Monitoring is a key element to having a pest free, insect free and a weed free lawn. Let our experience and Horticulturalist take care of your landscape appearance and free up your valuable time that you can put towards what matters most.    

Pruning/ Edging/ Weeding of Beds

Pruning -  We can schedule the pruning of your landscape to stimulate healthy plant growth, optimize flowering and improve plant health.

Edging of Garden Beds - We will re-edge your beds at the beginning of the season and continue throughout  the season as needed. A sharp clean edge enhances the beauty and separation from your lawn and your garden beds. 

If there is no edge on your beds then we offer that services for the first time to create that edge on the first initial edging.

Weeding of Garden Beds - We do not weed beds that have serious issues with weeds. We can monitor your beds during our cutting visit for those who have the odd one that pops up. We highly recommend installing mulch for 3 important reasons. It helps suppress weeds, holds moisture longer and enhances the appearance of the landscape.    


Spring/Fall Cleanups

Spring - When the weather and plant growth dictates, we start our spring cleanups. We will thoroughly clean up your lawns and garden removing the debris that has accumulated over the winter. While we are performing the Spring Cleanup, we will inspect all of your garden plants, trees and shrubs for any damage.

The spring cleanup IS NOT the time to dethatch or aerate your lawn - despite what many companies may tell you.

​Fall - We start our fall cleanups as soon as most of the leaves have fallen. We will thoroughly clean up under and around all your trees and shrubs removing all leaves and debris.

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