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Serving Burlington and Greater Hamilton Area 

About Us. 

Our Vision.


​Our Vision of The Right Choice Lawn Maintenance is quite simple. To build a company based on two criteria's: 1) Do the good things and 2) Do not do the bad things. It sounds simple, but the best guidelines are simple.

​We are building a company based on words like Respect, Integrity, Gratitude and Relationship. We are going to build our business using these words to base all our decisions.


      -    Customers ​- we​ will respect our customers' wishes and needs, offering our best possible service at all times.​

​      -    Employees ​- we will respect the health, safety, and well being of our employees beyond government regulations. 

​      -    Environment - we will conduct all of our business practices with respect to the environment.

​      -    Company - in order to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner to our customers, employees and the environment, we need to as a company, carry out all 4 of these words on a daily basis.

Our vision goes beyond our personal needs. We build strong relationships with people, our personal needs are fulfilled automatically.

"You are only as big as you are from the people who have helped you get there."


The Owner

Todd is not only the owner, he is a family man who has raised his 2 boys by himself since they were 2 & 3, and after 16 years of single parenting, is married to someone special who calls his kids her own. Todd thrives on living a positive life and being optimistic all the time, which can be contagious to many. "Be real and honest with people, even though you may not get it in return, and you'll live a good life"  

Todd use to work for another company for 7 years prior to starting his own. There is a lot to learn from others. What to do and what not to do, and through the years as an employee, has implemented one key factor that he believes, grows a good business - "Building a relationship with his clients."

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