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Serving Burlington and Greater Hamilton Area 

Additional services.


Aerating / Topdressing / Over-seeding


Aerating - Is something that should be done to the lawns only as the lawn needs it. Our training and experience is backed up by the Ontario Turfgrass Institute.

Aerating should ONLY be done when the grass is growing vigorously in late summer - usually around mid-August. DON'T FALL FOR THE STUDENTS THAT COME BY IN EARLY SUMMER!!!

Topdressing -  Is the addition of soil or a specialized topdressing mix on top of existing lawns. This is usually done either to repair small dips in the lawn or to add organic matter to the lawn to improve health. We suggest topdressing to be added at the same time as aerating.

Over-seeding - Is adding grass seed on top of existing lawns. This is a great way to increase the density of your lawn. This is also the place not to skimp on the quality of grass seed in a lawn. We use only the highest quality grass seeds selected to suit the soil and light conditions of each lawn.   

Before Fertilizer
After Fertilizer applied

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