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Serving Burlington and Greater Hamilton Area 

​Our Vision.


Our vision is to exceed the expectations of our customers. We want to leave our mark as a company people can trust and be categorized among the other top companies in the industry. Majority of the companies are untrained, uneducated, lack the true meaning of quality and lack understanding of our purpose. Our purpose is to put our clients needs first before our own. Satisfying our clients reflects an honest true living. Until the day comes where all lawn and landscape companies have to be certified, we will continue to do the right thing for those who care about their living environment and want the best for their landscape. To learn more about us, where we come from and our company profile, click the "more" button.  

Why Us?


Why choose "The Right Choice Lawn Maintenance? We look at every client equally. If you wish to have basic grass cutting or you desire everything on your property taken care of, no one is more or less important than the other. Everyone is equally important to us. We are here to meet your expectations big or small, and most important, build a solid relationship for years to come. Too many people have been taken advantage of for years. We are not the cheapest, and we are definitely not the most expensive. Our focus is to be honest and as fair as possible.  Click on the "more" button and you can look at a number of other key facts to keep in mind when looking for a company that best suits your needs.  

​​​Our Services.

lawn maintenance

We understand and respect the sensitivities involved in working with your property. We can increase the value of your home with simple maintenance and minor alterations to the landscape, as well send a clear message to your clients and employees that quality matters for your business, through quality grounds maintenance. We offer many services that best suit your needs, from your regular cut and trim, to adding other services such as; fertilizers, top dress and over-seed, aerating, pruning, re-edging of beds, adding mulch to the garden beds to reduce weeds and add colour, spring/fall leaf pick up, and also snow removal.




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