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Why Us?

There are a number of things you should look for when choosing a landscape company. If you look at these 8 things, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and strife.

1.   Is the staff trained​? - The landscape industry is rife with many companies that employ staff with no training. Due to the lack of licensing in the

      landscape industry, many companies are formed by people with no formal training in the landscape or horticulture fields.  


      Hiring a company that employs untrained staff can lead to situations where turf is improperly cared for leading to weed and disease infestation.

      Improperly planted trees and shrubs not only look poor, but their long term health is often compromised.

      There are many horticultural practices that are often poorly done resulting in short term savings. Often, due to improperly maintained landscape,

      the costs are higher to renovate or repair poorly maintained landscapes.  

2.   Are they experienced? - Although training is very important, experience is vital as well. Experience plus training gives a person the ability to 

      problem solve. Many issues, most very minor, need to be dealt with in a timely basis



3.   Are they insured? - It is disturbing how many small companies have no insurance. That may seem trivial until the unexpected happens. Companies

      need to be insured with a private company and if they have employees, need to be insured by the WSIB ( Workplace Safety Insurance Board)

​4.   Is the equipment properly maintained? - A lot of people may think this is a trivial item, thinking it will not affect the quality of work is incorrect

      thinking. If you have ever been on a golf course, you would notice the state of repair their mowing equipment is in. Impeccable!

​      Mowers that have dull blades do not cut grass blades, but rather tears them. This may seem trivial as well, but within a few hours of cutting a lawn

      with dull lawnmower blades, the tips of the grass will turn brown. Mowers that are not cleaned regularly will spread weed seeds and disease 

      spores around.  

5.   Do they communicate well? - It is very important to have an open line of communication with your landscaper. Do they have easy ways to

      communicate with them? Do they let you know when they have been to your property?​

​6.   Do they care about their work? - It is important to make sure the people you hire have a passion to take care of your property as if it were their

      own. Attention to detail comes from an enthusiasm for excellence. 

7. ​  Do they use quality supplies?- Many companies use inferior products to save money. On the surface cheaper products may seem to have the

      same effect on the landscape but in the long run, may contribute to poor quality landscapes.

​      It is important to use products that are not only safe for our children and pets, but have either no impact or a positive impact on our environment.

      Our children and pets walk and play on our lawns. It is important to keep them safe!​

​8.   Can they handle every issue that arises? - There is no way any single company can do all the things for all the people. It is completely acceptable

      that companies with better qualifications and experience to perform special tasks. A good example of this is a landscape company that hires a

      licensed electrician to wire in a transformer for a new lighting system. 

​      Beware of companies that say they do EVERYTHING!