Serving Burlington/Oakville and Greater Hamilton 

FAQ's ( just a few of the important ones)


Are you qualified?

Yes! Todd has passed the Advanced Level Horticultural Apprentice program. Todd is an amazing graphic artist with a design sense that will please all of our clients. 


Are you experienced?

We are experienced enough to know we don't know everything, but we use many sources of information to help us best determine the way to approach any issue.​


Where do you get your day to day information from?

We subscribe to many trade publications and online services that gives us pertinent, timely information that helps us determine the best way to look after your landscape. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) offer many services that help us offer the very best advice to our customers.​


Do you maintain your equipment?

We do! We schedule minimum one day a week to sharpen blades, change oil, clean, polish and maintain ALL of our equipment. An experience woodsman does not enter the forest with a dull axe. ​


Are you insured?

You bet! If you need a copy of our insurance certificate, please let us know. We use a great insurance broker and they will supply whatever documents you require. ​


Do you use pesticides

​No. In fact, we prefer to maintain the health of all of the landscape plants (including turf grass) to resist the impact of disease, insects and weeds. Currently, if required, we use a licensed pesticide application company to treat any acute problems our clients may have. To be honest, we can usually solve most issues our clients have with intelligence and patience. Currently we are working to be licensed by the Ontario Government to be allowed to apply natural pesticides. We are focusing our business only in the use of natural and environmentally safe pesticides.